A team of Statisticians, software engineers, biological experts and academic writers are always ready to look into the specific problems of our customers.

Other persons are M.Tech. / M.Sc. Holders in the concerned field with a lot of experience in Managing distinct type of data analytics from different walks of life.

Big Data Analytics Chart

    Statistical Consultation

    • On Thesis and Research Data Analysis
    • Planning of Field and Laboratory Experiments
    • Conduct of sample surveys or census on market research and trends , diseases \ epidemics on human plant or animals, industrial needs, election trends, business forecasts etc.

    Data Analytics

    • Preparation of Questionnaires or Schedules for Surveys
    • Develop Designs for Sample Surveys
    • Develop Designs for Field and Laboratory Experiments
    • Data Entry Services in Standard Formats
    • Data Cleaning and Editing Services

    • Big Data Management and Analytics
    • Statistical Analysis on all Standard / Research Methodologies
    • Forecasting Techniques and Time Series / Econometrics Based Analytics
    • Interpretation of Complex Results in Simple Terms with Facilities for Publishing and Presentations.

    Statistical Software

    We had a unique collection of programmes developed and used for over more than thirty years. Along with that we make use of free/ hired software whenever necessary. Big data analytics are carried out in R or python platforms

    Data Analytics

    We provide various analytics covering different aspects of statistical methodology. To list some of them:

    • Data cleaning like Averages, Dispersion, Correlation
    • Factor Analysis Clustering Methods
    • Design and Analysis of Experiments
    • Biological / Genetical data analytics
    • Estimations or Predictions Based on Sample Surveys.
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Business Forecasting
    • Time Series Analysis
    • Regression/ Econometric Techniques
    • Linear Programming.
    • Data base management testing of hypothesis.