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Focused on Actionable Insights

We handle numerical ( Quantitative) data, qualitative data, big data involving numerical and qualitative types and also other recent types of coded data based on colours, sound, graphics and so on. Convey your requirements at the email info@statdataanalytics.com with your full address contact number or WhatsApp number and email ids. We shall respond to you back within a day.

How We Work ?
Statistical Software

We had a unique collection of programmes developed and used for over more than thirty years. Along with that we make use of free/ hired software whenever necessary. Big data analytics are carried out in R or python platforms.

Data Analytics

It is our interest to find solutions to simple to complex data analytics problems in a practical and ethical manner and make it understandable even in layman’s view.

Statistical Consultation

Conduct of sample surveys or census on market research and trends , diseases \ epidemics on human plant or animals, industrial needs, election trends, business forecasts etc.

Data Analytics Assurance

Explore Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision
To be an ultimate solution on statistical analysis and data management to studentsresearchers business and industrial agencies with maximum precision, sincerity and ethical standards.
Our Mission
To become one of the most trusted places of statistical analysis and big data management incorporating all latest trends in mathematical and computer sciences.